• What is Inward?

    Inward Men’s Gathering is a chance for you to stop looking outward for what a man is supposed to be, and to unfold the man you are and the man you want to be. There is no ‘one size fits all’ recipe.


    As a human your presence happens in 5 ‘bodies’, your mind, physical, emotional, energetic and archetypal. In modern culture we mostly learned to be present in our minds and physical bodies, and learned very few skills or distinctions about the others.


    Presence in your emotional body gives you an inner compass and never-ending access to huge amounts of energy to navigate your life free of emotional reactivity, and paint your life how you want it.

    Presence in your energetic body is how you feel grounded, resonance, flow, centered and can distinguish your own energetic space from others’.

    Presence in your archetypal body lets you experience your purpose, your joy of being in service, and a connection to something bigger than you.


    Inward is a space to learn and experience core skills to be present and connected to yourself and other men. Experiencing a connected men’s culture is a huge gift, and one that we want to share. We also see it as one of the most important contributions we can make toward creating a sustainable and healthy culture for ourselves, our partners, our children, our family and community, and the earth.


    Inward is not a religious gathering. Men over 18 years old from all walks of life, of any religion and any sexuality are welcome.


    Inward is not a retreat-style gathering, it is a transformational journey where we stay together as a team for every session and eat together at meal times.


    The days begin at 7AM and end at approximately 9.30PM.

  • Facilitators

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  • Jason Horton

    A conscious movement / dance facilitator, focused father of four teenage sons, artist and film maker, Jason has many years experience being part of transformational spaces, men’s work and rites of passage.

    Jason moves between Wellington and Golden Bay to be with his sons and co-create workshops with his partner.


    Tristan Girdwood

    A Possibility Management trainer and coach, Tristan has a background in delivering workshops about conscious feelings, and working with people 1:1 around the topics of feelings and purpose. He currently lives mainly with his 16 year old son in Newtown, Wellington, with many visits to his partner and 11 year old daughter in Golden Bay.


    Elliot Cleland

    A community weaver and chef, Elliot has a background as Community Garden Manager in Golden Bay, and years of experience in transformational spaces. He combines his love for community and regenerative food culture with a passion for Men’s work. He currently lives communally in Golden Bay with his partner and 1-year old daughter.